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Untamed potential
19th-22nd Sept 23

Re-connect with yourself. Re-imagine what's possible.


Who are you and what do you REALLY want?

I don't mean materially or externally, I mean deep, in your heart.


Some people have a dream they long to pursue.


Others have a side of themselves they yearn to show to the world.

For many however, the answer is 'I don't know!'

Why? Because it's a question we rarely ask ourselves. 

Either we don't want to, or we don't feel we need to! 


Many of us are on autopilot.


According to Dr Joe Dispenza, by age 35, 95% of who we are is a memorised set of behaviours, emotional reactions and unconscious habits.

But what if that memorised version of yourself isn't fully or wholly you?

What if there's an inner voice waiting to grab the mic, or another path that would light up your soul?

Untamed Potential is an immersive experience created specifically for people who are ready to not just ask these questions, but roll up their sleeves and get stuck in to finding the answers. 

It's a space to see beyond your current stories and open your mind to what you're capable of doing and who you're capable of being.

And it's a space to go on the most meaningful of journeys, alongside other incredible people, ready to reach their potential.

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"Don’t let the fear of losing a former identity prevent from moving towards what you really want"

Jim Hughes

Meaningful work


Whilst the inspiring environment, engaging activities, local food, camp fires and handcrafted accommodation are impactful in their own right, for this experience they are merely facilitators, creating the optimal conditions for the really meaningful work to be done.

Through a blend of powerful conversations, space to reflect and the energy of others, we will begin to:

  • Identify the stories and beliefs that are holding you back

  • Re-connect with the side of you you long to bring forward into the world

  • Give yourself permission to pursue the dreams that feed your soul and enable you to be you!

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Who it's for:

Anyone who:

  • Feels there's a side of them they're yet to give a voice to

  • Knows instinctively they are yet to do their best work

  • Is tired of feeling tired

  • Is committed to leaving the world in a better place

  • Is brave enough to ask themselves difficult questions in order to grow

what you'll leave with

  • A deeper understanding of who you are and what you're capable of

  • A clearer picture of the direction you want to head in

  • Confidence and energy to pursue what really lights you up

  • Amazing connections with like-minded people 

"Jim is by far the most impactful coach that I have ever worked with. I literally flew across the world to attend one of his events."

Laura Marston

the experience​

You will arrive at the picturesque, off-grid location at around 4pm on the Tuesday. For the next three and a half days, you can expect to experience any and all of the following:

  • Engaging in meaningful conversations with other amazing people

  • Immersion in nature with time to reflect

  • The expansion of your comfort zone in some way 

  • Caveman TV (fire), drinks and great food

  • Bravely digging into the most meaningful work you may ever do

Untamed potential 19th - 22nd Sept 2023


We will be based in the stunning and secluded Campwell Woods in Wiltshire for this experience. ​

The details


  • Format: Three nights. Arrive 4pm Tuesday, depart 10am Friday

  • When: 19th - 22nd September 2023

  • Location: Campwell Woods, Marshfield, Wiltshire, UK

  • What's included: 

    • Shared accommodation

    • Activities

    • All food and drink

    • 45 minute group Connection Call (pre-event) 

    • 90 minute group Reflection Call (post-event)

  • What's The Cost: £590

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