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Untamed Events

immerse yourself. find your playground

For true transformation to occur both physical and mental space need to be created.


Space where the everyday chatter is quietened.


Space inspiring enough to provoke new thought.

Space safe enough for those new thoughts to be faced.

It is from this place, we can feel our Untamed self.


Becoming conscious of our potential and aware of our greater purpose.

This is the essence of an Untamed Event. 

previous event - dare to discover 

Dare to discover

Untamed Events are immersive coaching experiences, that utilise the great outdoors to create transformation.

They're a space for individuals and teams to RE-CONNECT with themselves, with others, and with their work, away from the pressures of life and without the need to perform.

They are a space where it's OK to show up


unapologetically you!

And in doing so...

  • Uncover and overcome previously hidden obstacles

  • Reconnect with who you really are and what you're capable of


    Identify your gifts and the work you are destined to do

  • Inspire others to come on the journey with you

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Jack Brown 

“It was the best experience of my life.


I don’t know what you did mate…I’ve never felt this happy, ever.”

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mel cheng

I am so so SO grateful you put this event on with so many incredible people. Your guidance helped me connect on a level I'v never experienced before.

It was the best week of my life so far!

philippe Arsenault

Jim has so much knowledge to share and such an amazing energy to attract great people.


Add that to his spot-on intuition and knack for cutting through the BS to get you to dig deeper into your mind and you have yourself an absolute life-changing event.

next opportunity to 
pause and reconnect?

stay tuned 

more info coming soon...