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Untamed Events

immerse yourself. find your playground

Want to transform your life and reach your potential?

Stale seminars in crap conference rooms may work for some, but not us.


Adventure, deep connections and fun bring us to life!

Finding clarity starts with embracing uncertainty.


Our epic adventures will push you beyond the unknown, disconnecting you from daily life to reconnect you with yourself, like-minded people and the world around you.

our last event - dare to discover 

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Jack Brown 

“It was the best experience of my life.


I don’t know what you did mate…I’ve never felt this happy, ever.”

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mel cheng

I am so so SO grateful you put this event on with so many incredible people. Your guidance helped me connect on a level I'v never experienced before.

It was the best week of my life so far!

philippe Arsenault

Jim has so much knowledge to share and such an amazing energy to attract great people.


Add that to his spot-on intuition and knack for cutting through the BS to get you to dig deeper into your mind and you have yourself an absolute life-changing event.

Untamed Events are a unique multi-day experience hosted in stunning, secluded locations designed to simultaneously inspire, connect, energise and scare you.

You will leave an Untamed Event knowing more about yourself than ever before; having forged

life-long bonds with like-minded people.

You will be equipped with a powerful new mindset, and all the clarity and inspiration needed to

Know Yourself and Find Your Playground.

Whilst each Event is unique, they are built on four key pillars:

  • Inspiring environments - helping you disconnect from daily life

  • Deep connections with like-minded people 

  • Transformational coaching workshops - unlock hidden stories and find your true path

  • Epic adventures - pushing you out of your comfort zone and deepening your learning

Limitless Lakes
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