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ONLINE Immersion

the world's only immersive online coaching experience
for humble high performers

Online Immersion - Untamed
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Who it's for

Are you desperate to get clarity over the hidden obstacles you feel are holding you back?

Do you feel you have more to give and want to unlock your true potential?

Do you feel you have tried to change and nothing has worked?

This is a unique immersive experience specifically designed to:

  • Shake up and re-programme old beliefs or limitations

  • Fast-forward your growth helping you achieve years worth of progress in two days

  • Create long-lasting change and true transformation, not a short-lived burst of energy

  • Help you uncover the REAL YOU, empowering you to show up more fully in life

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I worked with Jim 1-1 and it was truly transformational so when I got the invite for Online Immersion, I was like 'fuck yeah' there was literally no doubt...and now I'm super, super happy! 

— Kate Wolfenden, Non Exec Director, Environmental Systems Expert

How it works

Through a unique blend of intense mental, physical and emotional experiences we will identify and remove the hidden obstacles that have been holding you back.

We have consolidated years' worth of event hosting experience and thousands of coaching hours, combining the most effective elements from our physical events and online coaching, to create a life-changing experience in just two days.

Our experience is supplemented by science-backed techniques designed to unwire old and hardwire new behaviours by absorbing them on a deeper level.

Interested in Joining?

Keen to unlock your potential and achieve two years of personal growth in two days?

Apply below. 

Price: £650 Early Bird (available until 17th May), full price £790.

Once your application is submitted we will be in touch to confirm you’re a good fit. 

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