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Untamed coaching

know yourself. Find your playground

Untamed coaching 

I work with both individuals and groups, online or face to face.

I work with high performers and people struggling to motivate themselves.

I work with business teams and athletes.

I've worked with an 11 year old and a 65 year multi-millionaire.

The demographic may be broad, but there is one thing that unites them all. They:

- were being held back
by their own beliefs
- were committed to identifying  patterns that stifled their growth
- longed to create an amazing life for themselves and others

This work takes bravery and honesty.

In order to create an epic future, we must first explore the past.


A past that may invoke feelings or memories you've spent your life suppressing. 

But it's here we find the Untamed you.


The YOU that longs to play, connect, give back and pursue what inspires you.

The YOU unburdened by obstacles of your own creation.


The YOU that focuses on thriving, not surviving.

Our work together is all about you uncovering and then re-connecting with this version of yourself. 


From this place you can...

become a master of your emotions
inspire others to come on the journey with you​ &
identify the work you're destined to do!

"If it sounds like hard work to you, then I’d say, in the kindest possible way, maybe you’re not ready. Because if you put the work in the reward is better than you can imagine." Kate

beliefs that may be holding you back:​

  • If I quit now, I'll have wasted my time

  • Happiness and fulfilment can be pursued AFTER I have achieved (fill in the blank)

  • Making lots of money is the best way I can provide safety and security for my family

  • I need to always have high expectations for myself

  • Lowering my expectations will mean I lose my drive

you've got to be:

For us to work together,

  • Humble

  • Ready to change, even if it's hard

  • NOT take yourself or life too seriously!

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"Jim is by far the most impactful coach that I have ever worked with. I literally flew across the world to attend one of his events."

Laura Marston

Breakthrough Session

for individuals
  • Get to the heart of what's slowing you down, creating stress or causing you pain

  • Begin to clarify the direction you want to take in your life

  • Start to see the hidden obstacles you've placing in front of yourself

  • Explore how your beliefs and identity are impacting your results

  • Take the next step towards reaching your potential

  • £199 for a 1-1 deep dive 

One to one

for individuals
  • One to one coaching journey designed around your needs

  • Gain clarity over, and connect with the REAL, authentic you 

  • Uncover and overcome previously hidden obstacles

  • Begin to master your emotions

  • Identify the work you are destined to do

  • Inspire others to come on the journey with you

  • Rediscover your energy, confidence and momentum

workshops & summits

for Purposeful business
& sports teams
  • Create deeper connection, empathy and support amongst members

  • Nurture self-led leaders

  • Create space for reflection and an opportunity to slow down

  • Create alignment and unlock potential​

  • One-off summits or bespoke group coaching packages available

  • Remote, office based or hybrid teams

  • Online or offline

Co-founder coaching

for committed co-founders
  • Based on the understanding that the co-founder relationship is the most important element of the business

  • Build a deep connection based on empathy and understanding 

  • Develop awareness of each others beliefs, fears and triggers

  • Identify and then leverage each others innate gifts

  • Build a relationship with strong foundations - allowing it to withstand the inevitable ups and downs

the untaming guide

for anyone just starting out
  • A consolidation of the most impactful tools, prompts and coaching exercises I have used over the years​

  • Painstakingly chosen and laid out in order to help you surrender your existing beliefs and assumptions as to who you are and reconnect with your authentic self.

  • For those of you who feel you have more to offer and are ready to show it to the world

  • It’s for those of you who know you’re yet to do your best work, and yearn to uncover what that work is

  • And it’s for the those of you who long to feel more inspired, confident and purposeful


Robbie Campbell, Film Director
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