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Untamed coaching

disrupt yourself. Find your playground

Untamed coaching is 

Intimate, Immersive and Intense.

Essential components when creating true transformation and lasting change.

Is it for everyone? Absolutely not.

Will it change your life if you’re aligned with our principles and you commit 100%? Absolutely!

As a high performer you face unique challenges, pressures and consequences.

You also have an insatiable appetite for growth, a high level of drive and a tolerance for risk.

Having worked with some of the top performers from around the world we know only too well, the delicate balance between achievement and contentment

Between wanting more but being satisfied with what you have.

Between the fear that may drive you and the confidence you need to perform.

It is these hidden beliefs, inspirations, fears and narratives we dig into to identify what may have held you back whilst uncovering your gifts and experiences to unlock your potential.

Together we navigate the exciting yet daunting journey of

Knowing Yourself and Finding Your Playground. 


Along this path, we support, encourage and challenge you to

dig deeper and think bigger than ever before. 

At times you’ll loath us, at times you’ll love us, but at all times you’ll know we’re there. 

You’ll know we care.

Breakthrough Session

for individuals
  • To get clarity on the direction you want to take in your life

  • Get to the heart of something that is slowing you down, creating stress or causing you pain

  • To uncover and remove the hidden obstacles you are placing in front of yourself

  • To understand how your beliefs and identity are impacting your results

  • To take the next step in achieving peace and impact in your life

  • £199 for a 1-1 deep dive 

Group Coaching

for individuals
  • Four month 'Know Yourself' Group Coaching Programme

  • Gain clarity over the real you and what your true path looks like

  • Rediscover energy and confidence to know which direction to head in

  • Create your new, aligned environment allowing you to thrive

  • Receive support, accountability and transformation alongside other humble high performers

  • Connect deeply with and gain unique insights through the perspective of others

workshops & summits

for high performance teams
  • Create alignment and unlock potential in your team​

  • Create deep awareness and foster empathy amongst members

  • Available to businesses, sports teams or membership organisations - so long as you're purposeful and committed

  • One-off summits or bespoke group coaching packages available

  • Online or offline

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