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The untaming guide

Hello and welcome to the Untaming Guide, a step by step process to start you on your journey to Know Yourself and Find Your Playground.

This guide is a consolidation of the most impactful tools, prompts and coaching exercises I have used over the years.

The exercises have been painstakingly chosen and laid out in order to help you surrender your existing beliefs and assumptions as to who you are, and reconnect with your authentic self.

The Untaming Guide is:


  • For those of you who feel you have more to offer and are ready to show it to the world

  • It’s for those of you who know you’re yet to do your best work, and yearn to uncover what that work is

  • And it’s for the those of you who long to feel more inspired, confident and purposeful

If you're either new to my work or to coaching in general, this is a great starting point for some deeper reflections and insights.

I make no promises that this guide will change your life but if you follow the steps diligently and commit to this work with honesty and bravery, this could be the most important work you ever do!

The Untaming Guide For Teams


The guide has also been designed to help teams deepen their connection with themselves and each other.


It can be used in isolation, or as a really helpful supplement to an Untamed Team Connection Day.


For orders of five copies or more, I can offer a discounted price of £8.99/ea. 


To arrange your bulk order, contact me directly using the button below.

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