The work

The work I do all boils down to one simple idea.

The secret to a successful and fulfilled life is reconnecting with...

your untamed authentic self.

In doing so, life feels less like 'the grind', as you become more 'aligned'.

You see opportunities where before, you saw challenges.

Your energy returns...


and Life becomes about flow,
     instead of force.

When you are DISCONNECTED from your true self, you show up how you think others want you to be.

You pursue goals you don't really want and then second guess every move.


You lose touch with YOUR GIFTS and life eventually becomes about SURVIVAL

one battle after the next.

The Battle with SELF
      - Constant self JUDGEMENT 
      - Self DOUBT, "can I do this?", "do I deserve success and happiness?" 
      - GUILT, either from inaction, the wrong action, or both
      - REGRET that you're showing the real you
The Battle with OTHErs
       - JUDGEMENT OF others, or perceived judgment FROM others
       - FRUSTRATION, sadness or anger from perceived lack of support
       - RESENTMENT that others are 'winning' whilst you're 'losing'
       - 'SAFETY' through isolation
The Battle with work
       - FRUSTRATION that work does not utilise your gifts
       - DISAPPOINTMENT from not reaching your potential
       - CONFUSION as to which path to take
Disconnection in these three areas, creates so much unnecessary

frustration, anxiety and stress.

But it doesn't have to be this way. I believe life should be about


having fun, giving back and making

a positive impact in the world. 

It should be about loving ourselves, showing up authentically for others and connecting to a greater purpose.

So many of us feel trapped in our own lives and powerless to change it. This story serves no-one. 


The work I do helps you change your story from one of disconnection, frustration and tension, to one of freedom, opportunity and impact!


"Jim slowly and methodically picked apart my fortress of insecurity to find the real gems inside of me"

Untamed Values

Be Bold

Those who have the courage to stand out from the crowd, have the ability to change the world.

Your boldness will empower others to live their own Untamed life.


Be Honest

Not just with others, but with yourself. 

Take responsibility for everything, blame nothing.

Stay Humble

"Humility is not thinking less of ourselves, but thinking of ourselves less."

We are comfortable with not always knowing. Comfortable that we and life are

an unfinished story...

Screen Shot 2020-01-20 at 3.54.48 PM cop

Have Fun!

Life is too short not to. 

Create space for fun, don't wait for it. If we're not having fun, it means something is missing...and when something is missing, we cannot help others to our highest level.

Fun is a barometer of an aligned life!