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Inspiring and connecting your team.


International Speaker, coach and global wanderer

Through my energtic and inspiring talks, I help individuals and teams unlock their potential by connecting with who they are really are and what drives them!

“I had Jim Hughes speak in Montreal and he knocked it out of the park. What I like about Jim is he is authentic, he is raw and he is real."

Rock Thomas - Author and Personal Development Guru


"I was amazed by how Jim mesmerised the audience, he was very impactful and had them eating out of the palm of his hand."

Mark Yegge - co Founder GoBundance mastermind

Why I Care

I approach my speaking, the way I approach my life, with honesty, energy and passion.


This has landed me in many hilarious, scary and moving situations.

I've lived in nine countries, run an ultra-marathon with no training having been told I would never run again and skied the longest giant slalom race wearing only a g-string.


At the age of 30 I became burnt out running a multi-million business with no experience, in an unfamiliar industry through a generation-defining recession.


I spent years wasting energy feeling disconnected, trying to be someone I wasn't.


This misalignment between who I was trying to be, and who I really am, created intense stress, impacting my health, performance and my ability to connect with those around me

The cost was huge, and since then I've been on a mission to teams and individuals all over the world, become more:  


By inspiring them to uncover who they truly are and what drives them.

My talks will help you and your team:

  • Dramatically increase energy and creativity

  • Reduce Stress and absenteeism

  • Deepen communication and empathy

  • Improve performance 

  • Make a greater impact


If it's a dry and informative presentation you're looking for, I'm not your man. 

If, however, you want your audience to leave the room having had a memorable, transformative experience, inspired to be their best selves, then...


THE CAST LIST​ - become the director of your own life

A highly engaging and visually powerful keynote diving into my unique CAST LIST concept.

Helping your audience make sense of their emotions by connecting them to their own past through raw, real-life stories of others.

Becoming familiar with your CAST LIST enables your audience to:

- Move from being a slave, to a master of their emotions  

- Understand and deal effectively with the behaviours of their teammates 

- Create the conditions for your organisation to thrive

M1-day 1-0750.jpg
know yourself find your playground


Ones ‘Playground’ is the mental and physical place where you feel aligned and inspired to be your authentic self. 

Our consumption of content and endless screen time however, make getting there harder than ever..


Rather than becoming enlightened, we are scrambling the signal between our hearts and our heads.

 In this keynote I share deep, personal stories in order to empower your audience to challenge their own assumptions, connect with their true selves and Find Their Playground

"Jim's talk was such an amazing experience. My team now better understand what they love to do and what their co-workers enjoy doing.
Linzee Ciprani - Ciprani Consulting


Find your true path
The power of identity
self awareness in leadership
If you're committed to creating transformation in your organisation by looking beyond the usual business talks, please do get in touch. I'd love to speak to you!
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