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Time to Level up
raleigh, sept 2024

an evening with

col. rob campbell ret.

& jim hughes

helping you
level up your life &

find your freedom

When it comes to navigating life's biggest decisions, making the most of gifts and showing up authentically, Col. Rob Campbell ret. and Jim Hughes have it covered.

Between them they have:


  • Led thousands of people in all environments, from combat arena's in the Middle East and the boardrooms of this country; to the deserts of Australia and the ski fields of Canada

  • Coached CEO's, veterans, athletes and senior professionals all over the world

  • Written multiple books

  • Spoken on stages in 10+ countries and;

  • Appeared on numerous podcasts 


All with the common goal of helping people...


 More important than their wisdom and experience however, they're great friends and now...

For the first time ever, they share a stage!!


In September 2024, Jim is flying all the way over from the UK to combine forces with Rob to deliver a transformative event you will never forget.

WHat you'll leave with

By sharing captivating stories and challenging you to think differently, Rob and Jim will help you walk away:

  • Feeling confident over your life's direction

  • With clarity as who truly you are and what you're capable of becoming, and;

  • Inspired to take action and be the best version of yourself

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“Jim is by far the most impactful coach that I have ever worked with. I literally flew across the world to attend one of his events."

If you're ready to navigate your next chapter with clarity and confidence...
join the waiting list.

If you're committed to levelling up your
life in order to have more fun and make a bigger impact...
join the waiting list.

The event will be intimate and places limited, so give yourself every chance and...

We can't wait to see you there!

“Whatever your audience, Rob communicates on everyone’s level.

I highly recommend this gifted speaker."

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