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Do you struggle to understand why your spouse, business partner or colleague can't seem to grasp what to you, is the absolute truth?

How can they not see what you're seeing when it's so obvious?

A misalignment of views and our inability, or unwillingness to see the other person’s point of view is responsible for the vast majority of disagreements, conflict and tensions at work and at home.

We are all so desperate to be 'understood', we fail to 'understand'. We get louder, more belligerent, more deaf and blind. If we feel we’re not being heard, we open up different or old points of conflict in an attempt to regain lost ground.

This goes on until it reaches bursting point, or until one party gives up (usually the same person every time) fostering bitterness over time.

I don’t need to tell you the impact this can have on our health, performance and happiness.

Thankfully with one mindset shift, the situation can be resolved in a matter of seconds. The next time you find yourself in a conflict or disagreement with someone in your life, remember the following image and be curious as to what the view looks like from where they stand. “Seek first to understand, THEN be understood”.

I know it feels like the hardest thing in the world and God knows I don’t always follow my own advice but give it a shot and see what happens.

If you’re surrounded by the right people, they will follow your example and soon, the default setting is to try and understand what the elephant feels like to them and THIS is where growth happens.

If you realise there’s something holding you back and would like to get clarity around how to move past it, click on the link below and book a Strategy Session with me.


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