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Watch your tongue!

Two small words that shape who you are

It was a mentor of mine who first taught me the power of language and the extent to which it can shape our lives. He picked me up every time I made a casual comment about myself, my abilities or my identity. I would utter something like "yeah I would like to do that but I am not very creative". To which he would retort "THE WORDS THAT FOLLOW I AM, FOLLOW YOU!" In doing so, he was highlighting how I was allowing a pre-determined narrative, to dictate my future.

How old, untested assumptions were riding roughshod over potential opportunities. In this case, my belief that I was not creative (which is not true btw) was stopping me from even beginning to explore an idea!

Ever since then, I happily play the role of the annoying coach who picks up on my clients language - and do so unapologetically.

Let's be clear, some of your beliefs are probably correct. You are shit at some things. I do not advocate blind positivity when it comes to your identity. What I do strongly urge is bringing your language into sharper focus. Tune in each time you casually assume something significant about yourself. I bet you'll be shocked at how often it happens!

To help you do so, ask yourself the following UNTAMED QUESTION: "What words often follow 'I AM' and is it time to question them?" *Perhaps make a list of your most common I AM statements and see if they serve you.


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