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What do humans do when they're afraid of something? Do you move forwards or backwards? Do they lean into their fears, or arch backwards?

Whether we're skiing, walking through town at night, or going through a tough personal journey, our natural reaction is to put distance between us and the object of fear.

Sometimes this action will save our lives, but in most cases, it results in greater pain. Take skiing for example. When we lean back due to fear, we become imbalanced, we pick up too much speed and inevitably crash.

The same is true facing up to our internal fears or painful realisations. We move away from them, we ignore them or we try to bury them. In each case, the problems become bigger, the fear increases and zero growth happens.

Let me ask you this, do you lean into your fears, or away from them? Of all my clients, the ones who lean INTO the uncertainty, are the ones who succeed!


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