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The Leaders Playground

an untamed mastermind for conscious leaders

grow together!

why you need this

  • "The idea of a self-made man or woman is a myth" Arnie

  • Self-doubt cripples growth, clarity propels it

  • Going alone is lonely and expensive

  • Having inspiring people alongside you is fun

  • Support from trusted peers is invaluable

  • Taking the feedback burden off your family and team

  • It's incredibly freeing to know that you're on the right path 

  • Life is too short to take yourself and work, too seriously!​​

  • Your own echo chamber is comforting but unreliable

One of my favourite quotes is "As our island of knowledge grows, so do the shores of our ignorance."  

For people who crave growth (Untamed leaders I'm looking at you!), this can be troublesome.




Because it means that the further along the business road you travel, the more self-doubt you feel.

The higher you climb, the lonelier it gets.

Does this resonate? If so, here's a few guesses as to why...

  • You've grown faster than the people around you and are now asking different questions from everyone else

  • Whilst they help to an extent, there's things you can't take to your spouse, family, or team 

  • You crave accountability and challenge but you don't know anyone equipped to do so

  • You spend time supporting others but have no one to support you in the same way

This is the bit where I tell you there is another way.

A way that involves connecting with other leaders who have, or are currently, treading a similar path to you.


"In every instance where you find someone of outstanding achievement in any calling, you will find they have been a success as a result of a mastermind alliance."

Napolean Hill



Some leaders believe they know enough.

Lots believe that asking for help is a sign of weakness.

Many seek the comforting sound of their echo chambers for feedback.

And too damn many are happy to be cooped up inside all year round.

These people are not Untamed leaders and you won't find them anywhere near The Leaders Playground.

Members of the Leaders Playground know that to be their best self and add value to those they lead, it's not just about working, or even playing, harder...


It's about being able to ask, and be asked, the most challenging questions about themselves and doing so in a trusted, supportive and fun environment!


What's included

A year long mastermind programme for an intimate group of leaders including the following elements:

  • Monthly 90 minute, leadership themed online group calls (except for a break in August)

  • One 'hot seat' session per person

  • Quarterly adventure days 

  • One multi-day mastermind retreat

  • Two 1-2-1 calls

  • Ongoing support through WhatsApp Community

  • AND 1 x PLUS ONE ticket to an adventure day

online discussions

Each online group call will involve:

  • A facilitated discussion around one area of leadership development (more info on the learning topics below)

  • A Hot Seat: a dedicated section of the call focusing on one individual and a challenge they're facing

  • An opportunity to 'ask the group anything'  

the adventures

Every quarter, we will meet up somewhere in England or Wales (likely within two hours of the South West) for a day of fun and adventure.

They are likely to involve one, or all of: movement, adrenaline, water, physical exertion and varying forms of 'the weather'.

Example adventure days include: canyoning, hiking, white water rafting, coasteering, climbing. 

Included in the price: activity & lunch  

Excluded from the price: transport to the activity

"The fearful talk, the Untamed act..."

multi day retreat

A year long mastermind wouldn't be complete without the opportunity to spend quality time together, connecting and supporting each other over a few days.

The retreat will be a blend of:

- Group conversation that help you grow as a leader

- Time to reflect around the fire with a drink 

- Activities to get the heart pumping

- Time in nature, away from the distractions of daily life alongside inspiring people

Included in the price: accommodation, activities, all food and drink, transport during retreat

Excluded from the price: transport to the retreat location

Where: Exact details tbc but it will likely be within 2 hours of the South West.

When: 18th-21st June 2024 lunchtime to lunchtime.

Accommodation: Tbc, but expect more glamping, less Ritz. Likely shared.

learning themes


  • Authenticity and how you show up

  • Leading through uncertainty

  • Emotional Mastery

  • Finding deeper meaning


  • Understanding those you lead

  • Navigating difficult conversations

  • Receiving feedback

  • Cultivating culture


  • Alignment of work with your gifts, passions and inspirations 

  • The power of a greater purpose

  • Defining your end goal



  • Introductory call (45 mins):

    • Tuesday 27th February 2024

  • Main group calls (90 mins):

    • First Tuesday of each month (except August)

    • Starting Tuesday 5th March 2024

    • Finishing 4th February 2025

Adventure days

  • March 2024

  • September 2024

  • November 2024

  • January 2025

Multi-day retreat


  • 18-21st June 2024

the cost

  • 1 x hot seat session

  • 11 x 90 min online leadership learning calls

  • 4 x adventure days (all inclusive)

  • 1 x multi-day retreat (all inclusive)
  • 2 x 121 calls

Including ALL of the following:

  • PLUS ONE ticket to adventure day

  • Whatsapp community


£350 per month 

*First three months upfront

**30 day cancellation notice

early bird

(Before 1st January 24)

£3000 per year

- Saving £1200!


(After 1st January 24)

​- £3600 

- Saving £600

Ready to connect, grow & have fun
untamed style?

the Not so small print

  • Plus one tickets are capped at three guests per adventure day

  • Guests will be vetted to ensure they're a good fit

  • For plus one tickets, one month's notice is required

  • Whilst stuff come's up, the impact of this group relies on full commitment so ONLY APPLY IF YOU PLAN TO SAFEGUARD THIS TIME!

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