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a day away

pause. reconnect


As a society, we're currently facing a couple of major challenges.

1) Our world is speeding up 

2) More and more things are competing for our attention

The causes can be debated but the impacts are clear, we have less time than ever to pause and check in.

We rush to pursue goals without asking ourselves whether we even want them.

We expend energy running up that hill, without ever stopping to admire the view.

We spend more time staring at a screen than we do in nature.

All this can leave us blind to how we truly feel, preventing us making the changes we need in order to be at our best.

What is it?

A Day Away is my small but punchy antidote to all this noise.

A Day Away is all about getting outside, slowing down and asking yourself questions you don't always make time for.


A Day Away is about making time for meaningful connections in an inspiring environment.

A Day Away is a dedicated space to simply do something different.

"A change is as good as a rest." Proverb

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what you may leave with:

  1. A fresh perspective on where you are now and where you're heading

  2. A renewed vigour that only the great outdoors provides

  3. New connections with like-minded people in complementary industries 

Who it's for:

​Partners, affiliates or friends of Untamed who:

  • Have a desire to leave the world in a better place

  • Love spending time unplugged in nature, having meaningful conversations

  • Are brave enough to ask themselves difficult questions in order to grow

  • Are excited by the prospect of spending a day doing something completely different

  • Don't mind going home smelling of camp fire smoke

"Jim is by far the most impactful coach that I have ever worked with. I literally flew across the world to attend one of his events."

Laura Marston

the details:​

  • Format: Single day event, blending outdoor fun, light coaching conversations and time to connect

  • Date/Time: 0900-1500, Wednesday 19th April 2023

  • Location: Campwell Farm, near Bradford On Avon

  • What's included: Lunch, drinks and snacks

  • What to Bring: Writing equipment, outdoor clothing

  • What's The Cost: This is being run at a cost price of £75

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