Is like driving a car with one wheel pointing the wrong way. It...

If gone unchecked, it leads to burnout and a lonely ride.

Living out of alignment with your true self

People deal with this problem in one of three ways...


Turn up the radio and ignore it.


Put their foot down harder, hoping motivation and persistence will solve things.


Are humble enough to realise they're on the wrong course and bravely commit to a path of self- discovery and a more impactful way of living.

Guess which type of person I work with...

Are you ready to find peace and

       make an impact by uncovering your 

                   true Untamed self?

Jim is absolutely superb!

I'm an old know-it-all retired US Army Colonel. Jim possesses a unique ability to cut through the smoke and provided me much needed clarity as I navigated my post-Army life. Jim took the time to understand me and my passions, and helped me stay true to them. 

— Col. Rob Campbell, Retired

Take it from Nicole...

Nicole Parsonsm- Europe's #1 Egoscue Trainer
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