We believe life is too short to not

Why? Because we know what it feels like!

We burned ourselves out treading someone else's path.

We changed ourselves to fit into our environment, we questioned - and then quietened - our instincts, and we lost confidence in our abilities.


We wasted energy, got stressed and became worse versions of ourselves

(that’s coaching speak for ‘we acted like dickheads’).


we’re on a mission to give you the confidence and clarity to find yourself – to achieve peace, and live life with maximum impact.

Through intense introspection and a costly journey of trial and error

we eventually found the way to align our life and work with who we truly are. By putting in the work, we uncovered what inspires us and reconnected with everything that makes life

so f**king ace. 

And now we're committed to sharing these techniques and lessons with you, helping you navigate your next steps to achieve unbounded freedom and effortlessness.

Untamed Values

Be Bold

Those who have the courage to stand out from the crowd, have the ability to change the world.

Your boldness will empower others to live their own Untamed life.


Be Honest

Not just with others,

but with yourself. 

Take responsibility for everything, blame nothing.

Stay Humble

"Humility is not thinking less of ourselves, but thinking of ourselves less."

We are comfortable with not always knowing. Comfortable that we and life are

an unfinished story...

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Have Fun!

Life is too short not to. 

Create space for fun, don't wait for it. If we're not having fun, it means something is missing...and when something is missing, we cannot help others to our highest level.

Fun is a barometer of an aligned life!

Meet The Team


Founder, Untamed

For four years I've been providing transformative experiences to high performers and entrepreneurs around the world through my unique brand of coaching, speaking and events.


I have helped (at least tried to) change the lives of:


  • Eight figure business owners

  • World Record holders

  • Senior military leaders

  • Top performing professionals and

  • Many more


Leveraging my extensive life experience, that encompasses everything from running a multimillion dollar engineering business in Australia and canoeing the Yukon River, to skiing the world’s longest giant slalom race wearing only a g-string and pretending to be an electrical engineer for eight months, I approach my work how approach life…with energy, commitment and fun.


I've experienced the cost of living out of alignment with my true self. I have felt the impact on my health, relationships, happiness and performance and, having invested over £100,000 on my own personal development, I have transformed my own life and have a burning desire to help others do the same.


The life-long connections I have created with those I serve are undoubtedly the greatest gift my work provides.

Meet Ed Challis MBE

Minister of Culture and Operations

My name is Ed Challis and I’m the ultimate supporter.

I run everything operationally in the Untamed business that Jim cannot…which is everything. I initially worked with Jim as a client and now have the pleasure of being one of the founding members of the Untamed Team.

Life before Untamed

After a seven-year stint in the British Army, followed by running my own business with my wife, I am passionate about improving my life, and the lives of others, by giving them the support they require to achieve their potential.

Always achieving, but never enough

I had always seen myself as the achiever. It was, and still is, part of my narrative. I worked with teams in the Army where success to me was helping people in their time of need and it was always repaid in spades. This helped me be an achiever; with top recommendations on some of the toughest military courses as well as being awarded an MBE.

This surely should have been enough to quash this constant desire to achieve… but it didn’t, because I didn’t understand why I had this desire and why I felt I was still falling short. The truth is I wasn’t, I just needed to reframe my view on things. And Jim was the man who helped me to do this. 

Having had this realisation, I want to help as many people experience this as possible in the way I help best. When Jim told me his vision of what he wanted to do, I couldn’t stop pestering him until he let me help him to do it!

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