Find your true path group coaching

why join this group

  • Gain clarity over, and connect deeply with, your true Untamed self

  • Regain the confidence and energy needed to reach your  potential and and be inspired - clearing the fog and turning obstacles into opportunities

  • Make sense of the fears, limiting beliefs and inner conflicts that may have been holding you back 

  • Become a master of your own emotions

  • Create stronger connections with yourself and others, improving you as a leader, partner and parent

  • Build a solid foundation of inner peace, from which you can build an epic life and your business 

Paul Cope - Author, Speaker, Coach
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Who is the group for?

  • Those who yearn to connect with themselves and others on a deeper level, gaining clarity over their gifts, fears, and inspirations 

  • Purposeful people who know they have more to give but don't know what that looks like or how to get there

  • Those humble to say 'I don't know' and willing to explore their blind spots

  • People tired of lacking clarity over what their True Path may look like and who are READY TO CHANGE

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I gained more clarity in one hour with Jim

than I got from months of reading books and trying to figure things out for myself.

Fascinating to find out my true flow states so that I can adapt my work and ultimately spend more time where I’m at my best - presenting, writing and sharing stories.

— Alex Staniforth, World Record holding adventurer and athlete

Programme contents 


  • Identify and harness your natural gifts

  • Uncover your FLOW STATES


  • Learn your needs, make sense of what drives you

  • Connect with all the different sides of you 


  • Develop the art of asking better questions

  • Practical tips to master your emotions and navigate life


Additional information

  • Three month programme

  • Six, 90 minute calls

  • Max group size 12

  • Price £900

  • Secure your place with a £300 deposit 

  • Call times and dates TBC.